Driving a vehicle while intoxicated can cause an accident. Not only can it cause damage to your vehicle, but it can also result in serious injuries or fatalities. If you’ve caused an accident that has damaged someone’s property or caused injuries and death, you’ll need an attorney specializing in drunk driving cases to defend you.

    Usually, driving under the influence has costs associated with it. The financial consequences include hefty fines you’ll pay. Also, it includes higher insurance premiums paid after accidents. Your insurance carrier may increase the premiums after causing a DUI accident. 

    But your most important worry is the legal consequences, which can land you in jail. The best DUI attorney will defend you and hopefully get you off the hook. Let’s explore the financial and legal consequences of driving under the influence (DUI).

    Financial Consequences

    Driving under the influence of a drug has serious financial implications since the damage you cause to your car and other vehicles requires automotive repair. The city can also impose serious fines for public property destruction. 


    The court can force you to pay fine(s) if found guilty of driving under the influence. The fines imposed by the court are subject to the local law and the severity of the offense. If you’re short of the fine imposed, you could go to jail for contempt of court.

    Increased Insurance Premiums

    Your insurance carrier can increase your motor vehicle insurance premiums after conviction. The insurer perceives you as a high-risk insured party, making them increase your premium. With your monthly insurance costs increased, your annual expenses increase with this rise. The percentage increase could be as much as 50%. What’s more, your personal injury claims might be unprocessed.

    Legal Fees Payments

    You’ll pay legal fees for an attorney to represent you in court. The legal fees can be significant, especially with an experienced attorney. Legal fees will contribute to financial strain in the long run!

    Legal Consequences

    If a court finds you guilty of driving under the influence of a drug, it can subject you to various criminal penalties. One of those penalties is a jail term. If you committed a vehicular homicide, you might face serious jail terms spanning years. 

    License Suspension

    The court will suspend your driver’s license. If you’ve had a history of driving under the influence, applying for a new license might be unsuccessful. If you’re a truck driver or depend on driving to earn a living, this could mean finding a new job.

    Mandatory Therapy

    If the court establishes you’ve had an alcohol or drug use problem, it might subject you to a mandatory alcohol education program. While these programs address the addiction problem, they come at a cost. The cost piles up your annual expenses, reducing the quality of your life.


    Driving under the influence can land you in a series of trouble. That’s because it causes an accident that can damage other vehicles or cause severe injuries. The court can impose a fine if you’ve damaged a government-built structure. If you add the fines to the legal fees, your expenses increase significantly. You could also face legal troubles, especially if you’ve caused a vehicular homicide. The best thing to do is drive while clear of any drug.