Starting any business and handling it is not an easy task. When it comes to being a consumer we all desire to shop or invest on a trusted platform with a trusted payment gateway, where our account data remains safe. Though there are numerous platforms from where we can make payments, currently one such platform named Flutterwave is among the top choices. Here in this article, we are going to provide you a detailed analysis of this platform based on the customers’ words. So stay on and read it to know about the Flutterwave Reviews, so that you can clear all your doubts before trying on this platform. 

    An Overview of Flutterwave

    Flutterwave Reviews has recently become a largely popular way for making business payments as it allows both local and international payments. The user-friendly interface, multiple features and accessing flexibility has made it a very lucrative option among the business firms. The payments are made very easily with the use of this platform as it supports all types of business firms be it small or large.

    Features As Per Flutterwave Reviews

    By going through various Flutterwave Reviews we have extracted some of the top features provided by the Flutterwave. And in order to know about them read the below given information. 

    Has Multiple-Currency Support: Flutterwave allows its users to make payment in multiple different currencies, this feature of the platform proves to be very beneficial for the firms which operate on the global level. 

    Provides Wide Range of Payment Options: The platform provides different payment options or methods like credit cards, bank transfer and more. With the availability of these features it becomes easy for the firms to cater their customers needs.

    Gives Detailed Analysis: As the Flutterwave gives a detailed analysis and reporting tool through which users can get valuable insights.  Through the valuable insight the firms can make decisions which are best suited for their company’s near future.

    Access to Seamless Integration: Users get a seamless integration of Flutterwave with other platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce etc. It allows the firms to immediately accept online orders without any hesitation.

    Robust Security: This platform has a payment solution utilization with industry standard encryption. Above all they also  have various fraud prevention tools in order to provide strong security to users. 

    Positive Flutterwave Reviews

    Flutterwave, one of the popular online payment methods in Africa has gained mixed reviews. Thus, to give a precise outlook we have divided here in two parts, positive and negative Flutterwave Review. Users who are curious to know about some of these positive Flutterwave Reviews can read below.

    • The platform is very convenient, fast and has low fees.
    • A customer form Kenya says that she/he hasn’t faced any issues and has been using it for a year. Thus, he/she states that it is a trustworthy and reliable solution.
    • It is a great payment platform for businesses of all sizes. 

    Negative Flutterwave Reviews

    Not everybody celebrates the Flutterwave, there are certain customers who are not happy and provide negative Flutterwave Reviews, which we have stated here for your Information.

    • Customers face withdrawal issues and the terrible customer support system was helpless. 
    • The platform doesn’t refund money despite having all the proof at the time of fraudulent or scam.
    • Some users also find the Flutterwave interface to be difficult and not user-friendly as compared to other platforms. 
    • People are hesitant and scared after the Flutterwave Scandal.

    Know About Flutterwave Scandal

    In February some of the account holders at Flutterwave accounts were hacked in which customers lost almost $3.6 million. But the company denied any such report, the aftermath of which is named as Flutterwave Scandal.

    Effects of Flutterwave Scandal

    Flutterwave Scandal has affected almost every side of online payment, be it customer, country, Fintech industry and more. Below we have mentioned some of its after effects. 

    • Customers become hesitant due to the Flutterwave Scandal.
    • People lost the trust and confidence on the platform after the Flutterwave Scandal.
    • Even after the Flutterwave Scandal customers have been facing several withdrawal issues.
    • Investors who invested on this platform lost money after the Flutterwave Scandal. 
    • Due to the Flutterwave Scandal the regulatory security has been increased in the Fintech Industry.
    • Aftermath of the Flutterwave Scandal led to damaging the reputation of the Fintech Industry.
    • The Flutterwave Scandal led to increase in the competition in the Fintech Industry.
    • People of Africa lost trust in the African start ups  after this Flutterwave Scandal.
    • This Flutterwave Scandal has damaged the reputation of the African Tech Industry. 

    Flutterwave Reviews on Customer Support

    Various Flutterwave reviews suggest that the platform takes its customers ‘ reviews very seriously and caters to all of their needs. Furthermore the company has also taken various measures to enhance their customer support, in accordance to this they  have launched a comprehensive FAQ section. 


    Overall we can say that Flutterwave is best suited for online payment for all types of business sizes. And thus we have provided here detailed information regarding this platform based on the various Flutterwave reviews. Thus, go and start your own business firm without worrying about it growth as with the help of this platform you can reach globally.