WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily lives. We use it extensively to stay connected with our loved ones through messages, calls, status updates, etc. However, the official WhatsApp app needs useful features like seeing who viewed your profile or status. This is where tools like Whats Tracker come into the picture.

    Whats Tracker is an amazing Android app that tracks various WhatsApp activities like profile and status views. It provides insightful analytics about people interacting with your WhatsApp account. This detailed blog post will explore all aspects of this useful app.

    What is Whats Tracker?

    ITamazons developed Whats Tracker as a third-party unofficial app for WhatsApp. It helps you see detailed analytics about various activities happening on your WhatsApp account. The app provides the following useful insights:

    • See who viewed your WhatsApp profile and when
    • Find out who viewed your status and how many times
    • Track WhatsApp profiles you have visited
    • Live location tracking of your WhatsApp contacts
    • Option to chat with random strangers
    • Save others’ status to your phone gallery
    • Share chat backups from one phone to another

    Whats Tracker APK: Overview

    The app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. All the features are cleverly organized in different sections. It also comes packed with additional tools like themes, chat wallpapers, and more to enhance your WhatsApp experience.

    App NameWhats Tracker
    Android Requirement5.0 or above
    File size18 MB

    Features of Whats Tracker App

    While the basic features are enough for tracking purposes, some additional tools further enhance Whats Tracker’s capabilities:

    • Use the search bar to look up any WhatsApp profile using the phone number.
    • Activate live location sharing to track your contacts in real-time.
    • Under settings, you can find advanced options like message scheduling, hiding online status, etc.
    • Save your favorite chats as PDFs or share backups from one device to another.
    • Use the built-in chat feature to interact with random strangers.
    • Customize the look using beautiful themes and chat wallpapers.

    How to Download and Install Whats Tracker APK File?

    Using Whats Tracker APK is extremely simple. Just follow these steps:

    1. Go to your device’s web browser and enter the APK file of WhatsTracker app.
    2. Click on the download button and the download will start after your command.
    3. Once it is downloaded, open it and click on install button. 
    4. Now go to the Settings icon, then go to the Security bar and turn on Unknown Sources.
    5. Now you can use Whats Tracker and enjoy its features for free without paying anything.

    The app gives you rich insights into your WhatsApp account’s activities and visitors. You can utilize these insights for better engagement with high-interest contacts.

    Why Choose Whats Tracker Over Other Apps?

    Some other apps like WhatsDog, WhatsPlus and others offer WhatsApp tracking. However, Whats Tracker stands out with its simplicity, efficiency and reliability. Whats Tracker provides tracking functionality without affecting WhatsApp’s core performance. It is an undisputed choice for anyone looking to unmask the WhatsApp activities of their contacts. Here are some key advantages of choosing this app:

    • Simple and clean interface
    • A lightweight app that doesn’t slow down your phone
    • Regular updates with new features
    • No ads or annoying pop-ups
    • Works perfectly even on older Android versions
    • Available in multiple languages
    • Actively maintained by developers
    • Completely free to use with all features

    How does whats tracker app work?

    Whats tracker is an efficient application that works to keep an eye on your whatsapp profile visitors. Sometimes people enforce privacy on their WhatsApp messenger due to which you cannot know who viewed your status or not, but with WhatsApp Tracker you can get information about people who viewed your status whether privacy is enforced or not. Moreover, you can keep all your contacts as well as people on the tracker which makes your whole experience of using WhatsApp messenger different and unique. You can not only view your WhatsApp profiles but also read deleted messages using this amazing app.

    Is Whats Tracker APK Safe?

    When installing third-party apps, safety is a major concern. Whats Tracker only shows you analytics derived from your WhatsApp account data. It does not tamper with your chats or messages. The app does not collect any personal data from your device. Whats Tracker APK is a safe tool if you download it from trusted sources like us. We provide the authentic and unmodified version of the app.


    Whats Tracker APK is a must have tool for WhatsApp users looking to gain deeper insights into the activities happening on their accounts. It reveals all the critical data like profile and status views that are otherwise hidden on WhatsApp. The app has a clean and intuitive interface making it extremely easy to use. Moreover, it keeps adding new features and tools through timely updates. Whats Tracker takes your WhatsApp game to the next level!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Is Whats Tracker legal to use?

    Yes, Whats Tracker APK is a legal tool to use. It simply provides analytics based on your WhatsApp data without tampering with anything. As long as you use the authentic version from trusted sites, it’s legal.

    Q2. Does the app need root access?

    No, Whats Tracker does not require root access on your Android phone. It works just like any other normal app.

    Q3. Can I see the tracker on a banned WhatsApp account?

    No, you can only use Whats Tracker with an active WhatsApp account. Banned accounts won’t show any data in them.

    Q4. Will my contacts know I’m tracking them?

    No, the WhatsApp tracker runs in stealth mode. It does not notify anyone that you track their activities on your profile or status. Your usage remains private.

    Q5. How frequently is Whats Tracker APK updated?

    The Whats Tracker developers release periodic updates to keep the app working with the latest WhatsApp versions. We provide the latest version on this page as soon as an update is available.