Technology has been evolving every other day and staying updated with these changes has become tiring and overwhelming due to the lack of availability of precise content. But today we are going to tell you about Techfelts which offers a wide range of information related to technology at just a single click. The platform offers a wide range of categories to its users with an easy-to-access interface. In this blog, we will explore this website in detail.

    What Is Techfelts?

    Techfelts is a website created by Asif with the aim of providing content focused on technology. The website apart from updating its users with all the latest technology arrivals also has a dedicated section for WhatsApp tricks. The platform has a long list of categories like information related to loans, new android arrivals, and many others. So readers and tech enthusiasts can visit this website to know about some unknown things and enhance their knowledge. 

    Techfelts App

    The platform provides immensely knowledgeable blogs and articles that can be accessed easily on browsers. But if you are curious to know about it then let me tell you that there is no Teckfelts App. As the creator of the platform has not launched any application users need to visit the official website of the Techfelts in order to surf the blogs provided by this platform.

    Steps to Access Techfelts

    The user-friendly interface of Techfelts makes it very simple to access this platform. Users or readers can access this platform very easily by following these simple steps.

    • Firstly, users need to open a “Browser” of their preference.
    • Navigate the search bar of your browser and type in the official website name of the Techfelts.
    • Or you can simply click on this link to visit the platform: 
    • But in case you are hesitant to tab on the link then after browsing the website name, click on the official website from the given results.
    • As you click you will land on the homepage of the website.
    • On the homepage, you see a large variety of content that will mesmerize you.
    • Select from the available topics or articles or in case you want to safeguard yourself from the tiring process of scrolling then navigate the platform’s search, you will find in the top right corner.
    • On the search bar in the blogs or articles you are looking for.
    • Open your searched blog and enjoy reading. 

    Benefits of Using Techfelts

    Techfelts offers an uncountable benefit to its users and readers. And we have selected a few of the best ones offered by this platform which will help you make the most out of this platform. Read about those benefits here: 

    Multiple Blogs and Articles: The platform has multiple blogs and articles focusing on various different topics related to technology. Users can access these informative blogs to not only make themselves informed about these trending technologies but they can also learn ways to access them through this platform. 

    User-Friendly: The website is designed in a user-friendly manner with a simple structure which makes it very convenient for users to surf on the platform and find blogs that matches or suits their interest.

    Easy to Understand: Above all the information provided on this site’s blogs is written using simple language and simple presentation. The information provided on this website is direct which makes it easy to be understood by beginners or new visitors to the platform. 

    Popular Posts on Techfelts

    Despite the fact that Techfelts has a number of informative blogs and articles there are some of the articles and posts which have been trending due to large readers interest. So, we have mentioned them here to give a brief about them so that you can follow the trend and check about it.

    How to Recover Deleted Photos on Techfelt:

    As we all have a habit of clearing our devices to make them work smoothly and in that process, we tend to delete multiple photos and videos. Though we get happy by the seamless functioning of our devices, a time comes when we realize that in haste we have deleted some important photos and that we immediately need it. So, in this blog, you get full-fledged knowledge on how you can recover those deleted photos. 

    The primary process that you need to follow to recover the lost pictures is quite simple and efficient. Although techfelts can only recover your photos that were deleted by you in the last 30 days. You can follow below given steps:

    1. Visit the official website and scroll its dashboard.
    2. Click on the three dots which are placed on the screen.
    3. Once it’s done, you will see a button for the recycling bin which requires your click.
    4. Once it is clicked, it will display all images that were last deleted by you.
    5. You can choose the image and click on the recovery image.
    6. Now, the photos will be saved back in your gallery.

    Recover Photos Using A Third-Party Tool

    Tech felts app is no longer in existence, in order to recover photos using a third party tool, you need to rely on some alternative options. But, in order to use any third party tool to in recover your deleted photos from gallery, there are some steps that you can follow which are given below:

    1. Open Google Play Store on your device and search for the required tool.
    2. Once you open the application on play store, there is an installed button placed there.
    3. Click on the install button and wait until it’s downloaded.
    4. Now, open the application and scroll its interface by allowing permissions.
    5. There will be direct buttons to select between ‘photo recovery’ and ‘video recovery’.
    6. Click on any button as per your requirement.
    7. Once you’ve clicked on it, you will be located to search for lost photos.

    How to Set Photos in Phone Dialer: 

    You must be aware that setting up the picture of your loved ones on your dialer will not only make them happy but also make your device look beautiful and different. So, in this blog, you will get to know a whole step-by-step guide about how you can set the photos on the dialer. Thus, to know about steps in which you can accomplish this, you should refer to this article.

    Free Call: 

    Under this blog, the writer has shared information regarding an app named Free Call which allows users to make prank calls for free. The blog contains complete details regarding this so go and access this informative piece to know about this amazing app. 


    So after reading all this about Techfelts aren’t you keen to go and surf this amazing platform which will provide you insightful information? The answer must be yes, then what are you waiting for? Go and try your hands on this thrilling website to mesmerize yourself with plethora of information related to the latest technology, Whatsapp tricks, and many more.