Earning online money is one of the most challenging tasks. Thousands of portals and websites are on the internet that allow the opportunity to make money online. The internet is flooded with a new money-making portal named RupeeTub. RupeeTub gained massive popularity across the globe with its easy money-making methods. In this article, we are going learn about the portal. We will also learn about its advantages, registration, earning, and withdrawal process. 

    What is RupeeTub?

    RupeeTub is a freshly released platform to earn money with efforts online. Users can earn extra cash from the portal by completing surveys and watching videos. It provides various earning methods and will enable individuals to earn decent gains without effort online.  

    Registration Process of RupeeTub 

    To earn money online from the RupeeTub platform, an individual needs to register on this portal with their email address. Follow the mentioned steps to register on this portal:

    Registration Process
    Registration Process
    1. Step One: Visit the RupeeTub official website from the browser.
    2. Step Two: Go to the “Register” option.
    3. Step Three: Fill Name, Email address, and Password in respective boxes.
    4. Step Four: Hit on the “Register” button.

    Congratulations! The registration process for the RupeeTub portal has been completed. Let’s have a look at its Navigation sections.

    Navigation Sections of RupeeTub

    Once an individual logs in on the RupeeTub portal. It shows Five different navigation sections. Each section serves a separate purpose. Here is the information about these sections:

    • Dashboard: After the login, the first option a user enters is the dashboard. In the dashboard, a user can watch videos and earn reward money. Each video’s duration is 35 seconds, and the rewards for each video would be different.
    • Referrals: The second option is Referrals on the Rupee Tub portal. With the help of this option, a user can earn extra reward money of 50 rupees for each referral. An existing user must share the referral link with friends, family, and loved ones.
    • Surveys: This Survey option helps the user to earn reward money by completing the Survey. This section of this portal contains several surveys. Beneath every Survey, a user can find the reward money they would receive after the survey completion.
    • Withdraw: This section of the portal allows users to withdraw the earned rewards with the respective payment method. The Rupee Tub portal offers Four payment methods: Paytm, Phonepe, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. The user can choose one of the suitable payment modes.
    • Profile: The profile section of it is portal allows users to check their credentials, including email address, Payment Frequency, account balance, and User interface ID(UID). Apart from that, the profile section also gives the option to withdraw the button.

    Earning Methods from RupeeTub 

    RupeeTub portal provides several methods to earn online money comfortably for its users. Let’s get to know about some of the key techniques to earn from the portal:

    • Watching Videos: This allows users to watch videos for up to 40 seconds and earn rewards. Each video provides a different amount of money rewards. Once the video is finished, the user gets the pop-up message about how much money rewards are added to their Wallet. To earn from videos, the user just goes to the dashboard section and clicks on the watch video.
    • Completing Surveys: The Portal also allows users to share their thoughts & opinions about services and products and earn rewards. Once the user completes the Survey, the reward will be added to the Wallet. To earn from Survey, a user just needs to click on the Earn button beneath the Survey, and the Survey will start. A user must follow the instructions and answer the questions to complete the Survey.
    • Referrals: Rupee Tub also offers a referral program. This program will give users 50 rupees for each joined referral. A user must share the referral link with other non-users of Rupee Tub once they enter the portal. The reward money will be added to the wallet.
    • Bonus: This is a bonus method of the Rupee Tub portal. Sometimes, while navigating the portal, a user can earn 50 rupees in reward money just by subscribing to a YouTube channel. 

    Withdrawal Process of RupeeTub

    A user can withdraw the earned rewards from the Withdraw section of the RupeeTub portal. To claim the money from the portal, a user has to reach a minimum 5000 rupees reward. After that, the payment will be processed from the portal from various methods such as Paytm, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Phonepe.

    Limitation on RupeeTub

    Undoubtedly, the Rupee Tub portal gives you endless opportunities to earn money online. But there are some limitations too. The limitations of the portal are:

    • Every day, a user can only watch 20 videos
    • Every day, a user can only attend six surveys.
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 rupees.

    Pros of RupeeTub

    The pros of RupeeTub are:

    • Several methods to earn online money
    • Money-making ways are easy.
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Easy Registration and withdrawal process.
    • Various payment modes for Withdrawal.

    Cons of RupeeTub

    Like everything, RupeeTub also has some cons. A user needs to know about these cons before using this portal. The cons are:

    • Limited Information about its parent company.
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is too high.
    • Limitation of everyday earning.

    Is RupeeTub real or fake?

    There is no such reviews till now about its real or fake presence. Although at some platforms users have given feedbacks about it’s authentic or fake presence. As per those reviews, it’s a fake platform where articles and blogs are incorrect which means it’s a fake site to visit.

    Is RupeeTub legit? 

    RupeeTub is a new platform offering multiple ways to make money online effortlessly. Users can earn on this platform by completing surveys, watching videos, and referring. But things look suspicious due to a need for more information about its parent company. The recommendation is to use this portal if a user gets the appropriate amount according to the time invested on this platform. 


    RupeeTub is getting popular day by day among individuals. Individuals around the globe use this portal to earn money online. One of the primary reasons behind this is that it offers various ways to make money online effortlessly. But they also need to understand that it is also limited per-day earnings. According to the design of the it is portal, it can increase the side income of an individual. But it is far away from being a full-time online earning.