You have come to the right place if you are a Pet Simulator X player interested in learning more about cosmic values or gaining insight into the PSX or Pet Sim X cosmic value list. This extensive guide will include the most recent information regarding Cosmic Values and Pet Simulator X Pets Values.

    Guide to Comic Values

    Players can keep track of their progress in Pet Simulator X and get the most recent information from Cosmic Values, a website. A committed crew meticulously updates the Cosmic Value list, guaranteeing the accuracy of the information.

    Another helpful resource that enables users to access the value list and ask for staff support is the Cosmic Value Discord bot (CVB). Pet Simulator X players frequently use the fantastic platform Cosmic Values to estimate the worth of their pets. The Cosmic Value website is a dependable tool for players due to its dependability and regular updates. Cosmic Value is a crucial tool for those who want to succeed in Pet Simulator X.

    Role of Cosmic Values in Pet Simulator X

    Here are some crucial considerations regarding cosmic values:

    • Cosmic Value is a reference and not the last word on pet values. Based on player interactions and market patterns, it delivers estimated values.
    • For the most recent information on pet and booth value, it is advisable to check the Cosmic Values website.
    • Keep up with the Cosmic Values group on social media to learn about significant updates or announcements.
    • To better grasp pet values, it is advised to investigate additional websites like PetSimX Values.

    How To Use The Website For Cosmic Values?

    Cosmic Values

    You must go to their website to use the Cosmic Values platform. The homepage will have a variety of menus or options once it is opened. You can access the Cosmic Value website in three different ways:

    1. Access Check: 

    Make sure the web connection is safe before using Cosmic Value. To protect your data, look for a small padlock icon in your browser’s address bar. This symbol denotes a secure and safe connection.

    2. Discovering Values: 

    Discovering Values

    You can search for any pet and discover its current Value in the game on the Cosmic Values website, which provides pet value listings.

    3. Booth Values: 

    The Cosmic Value team is trying to offer both value for all pets as the platform develops. More details regarding the pet’s current Value will be provided via this feature.

    List of Popular Pets on Pet Simulator X

    The platform has a long list of Pet Simulator X values and some of them are mentioned here:

    Pet Simulator X Values
    • Titanic Pets
    • Huge Pets
    • Shiny Pets
    • Evolved Pets
    • Hardcore Pets
    • Statistic Pets
    • Glitched Pets
    • Exclusive Pets

    Social Media And Cosmic Values

    You can check out the Cosmic Values social media channels to remain current on the latest news. The website actively participates in the PetSimX community by sharing updates and interacting with users. Join their Discord server and follow Cosmic Value on Twitter to participate in conversations and share information about the game.


    Users can follow @cosmicvalues on twitter which is their official twitter handle. Users can get the latest information and updates on pet values that contain information of the most expensive pets and even their comparison on a different website.



    Cosmic Values are also present on the discord server where users can experience discussions and share insights about the game. Discord is an instant messaging platform where users are free to have open views through text messaging, video sharing, insights, media sharing, etc.

    Cosmic Values Vs. Competitors

    While Cosmic Value is an excellent resource for finding the most recent Pet Simulator X updates, you can also check out other sites like PetSimX Values. To have a more comprehensive idea of pet valuations, it is advisable to visit different websites, as each platform has distinct features and advantages.

    Cosmic Values Beyond Pet Simulator X

    It is important to note that the phrase “Cosmic Value” is not just related to Pet Simulator X. A reference to the “Cosmic Odyssey” comic book series is also made. The main emphasis of this manual is Pet Simulator X’s cosmic values.

    Cosmic Pet Sim X Values

    1. Cosmic Serpent

    The dragon-like pet has an ethereal appearance, mainly focusing on damage and speed increases.

    2. Cosmic Reaper

    Cosmic Reaper is another pet with a dark appearance and is associated in the game with mystical abilities. The reaper significantly weakens the opposition.

    3. Cosmic Guardian

    Cosmic Guardian is a protective animal that offers a strong ally and can shield. The term “pet” is used to denote power and defense.

    4. Cosmic Phoenix

    The pet resembles a cosmic bird and is radiant and primarily employed for fire powers in combat.

    5. Cosmic Unicorn

    The unicorn pet is a unique and legendary creature that mainly represents magic and has several game-avoidance skills. The animal can cure itself.

    Most Expensive Pets on Pet Simulator X

    Different pets in Pet Sim X have different values attached to them. Different packages, such as ordinary, gold, and related costs, are typically available. The Pog Dragon, Pog Dog, and Pog Cats are just a few of the many pets whose values are assigned to the cosmic value ms2. These cards in the game

    have various connected values. Below we have listed some of the most expensive pets on Pet Simulator X

    Grinch Cat: The Grinch cat value is around 1.2B gems. Not only is this cat expansive but it is also an exclusive cat.

    Huge Party Cat: This is a rare cat that players can own only by trading with other players and it cannot be hatched. The value of this cat is around 340,000,000,000 gems.

    Scary Cat: This pet was available on Halloween Gift in 2022, and the normal version of this cat costs around 175,000,000 gems.

    Huge Pumpkin Cat: Huge Pumpkin cat is an exclusively rare cat with a value of around 150,000,000,000 diamonds. The cost which we have mentioned is for the normal version of this cat.

    Helicopter Cat: Though the value of this cat may seem less to you the demand for this cat is pretty high. And the amount of this highly demanded cat is 340,000 gems

    Top Best X Cosmic Values Alternatives

    Here we have mentioned a few of the best X Cosmic Values Alternatives

    1. Pet Sim X List: On using this platform you can not only find pet value but users can also find their Trading Discord Option.
    2. PSXT Trading Values: This is a simple and user-friendly website where you get pet values. And one of the best features of this platform is that it hosts amazing pet giveaways along with a variety of categories on pet values.
    3. Pet Sim X Values: This is one of the most popular alternatives to Cosmic Values. This platform has a large database and the option of pet search is very handy for users.
    4. Collector Pricing: The website collects and provides its users with the latest Pet Sim X Values.
    5. Pet Sim X Trading Values: Though this website provides users with all the daily value updates of the pets, users need to be cautious of inaccurate information.

    Conclusion :

    Each pet in Pet Simulator X has a unique cosmic value reflecting its rarity and desirability, and it is possible to choose from an extensive range of animals. According to the article, several pet classifications, such as Titanic, Ancient, Mythic, Legendary, Rare, and Unique, have corresponding cosmic values. But it’s critical to remember that these numbers could alter over time due to game updates and balancing changes. To appropriately judge the worth of pets in Pet Simulator X, players should stay up to speed with the newest information through the game or official sources.