Samantha Rotunda made her among  the top realtors in the states. She does, however, get some of her popularity from dating wrestler Bray Wyatt. For people who are unaware, the current World Wrestler in the WWE is Bray Wyatt. He has achieved many successes. In college, Samantha caught Wyatt’s attention, and the two fantasized of being together forever. The couple’s marriage gradually collapsed.

Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda

It is no secret that Samantha and Bray have been married for a very long time. Because of their connection, Rotunda rose to fame among the general population.

Their history dates back to school as well, as has been mentioned. The two were sweethearts in school, despite the fact that the time and day are not exact. Interestingly, Bray dropped out of school to focus on his wrestling career. The pair stayed together. Nevertheless, after a few years of dating, the two got married in 2012. Only their closest friends and relatives were present for their wedding ceremony.

Two children were born to Bray and Samantha Rotunda as a result of their relationship. Their first son, Kendyl, was born in 2011, and their second son, Cadyn, was born in 2013. They had two kids and were settled, leading happy lives.

Samantha Rotunda’s take on the divorce

Samantha shared her viewpoint on the divorce process on Instagram and explained how her love for her spouse had been replaced with bitterness. Samantha and Wyatt divorced in March 2017, however her article seems to imply that Wyatt’s affair with Offerman may have persisted since 2015 or 2016.

She continued by saying how Wyatt’s selfish behavior devastated her and that she detested him for his affair’s negative effects on their family. She went into great detail about how she supported Wyatt even before he rose to the rank of WWE Superstar and how his affair was a betrayal of their marriage and their family.

Samantha’s statement implies that Wyatt became delusional as a result of his success in the WWE. Wyatt’s life that they built together cannot be repaired, Samantha concluded her article.

Family of Samantha Rotunda

Rotunda is the child of Curt and Patricia Krieger.  Samatha is not the sort to divulge any information about herself, despite being a media sensation. However, the limited details we do know about her indicate that she comes from a working-class household, where she most likely developed her work ethic.

Similar to this, her mother worked at a veterans’ hospital and her father was the service manager for Casa Marina Key West.

Things to learn from Samantha Rotunda’s life

  1. Creating a successful career: Samantha Rotunda has succeeded as a real estate agent, displaying her strong work ethic.

2. Maintaining privacy: Despite being well-known, she values her privacy.

3. Overcoming difficulties: Samantha showed courage in overcoming obstacles during her divorce.

4. Speaking out against injustice: She brought up her ex-husband’s affair openly, emphasizing the value of sticking up for oneself.

5. Making self-care a priority: Samantha highlights the importance of self-care in trying circumstances.