With the advent of technology not only has the world become highly influenced by trends but it also has grown very competitive. And to survive in this competitive world where everybody is showcasing their talent and trying to follow their passion, one way in which people can help themselves is through fame. One of the best ways to gain instant popularity is by having a huge base on social media. But certainly creating a strong social interaction is not an easy task, but with the IGPanel it can be. Here we will analyze this platform and ways we can access and ways in which it is useful to us. 

An Overview of IGPanel 

IGPanel is one of the popular applications or websites which can serve as a crucial tool for your real-time Instagram growth. The platform helps the user gain followers, likes, and comments on their account. These high numbers of interaction at your Instagram profile will help you boost your profile. And above all the activity performed at your account is authentic and completely safe.

Know About the IG Panel APK

As the IG Panel has proved itself to be very useful for gaining followers etc. on Instagram since then it has been gaining a huge number of users. And in order to manage the crowd they have launched the IG Panel APK to provide its users a seamless and personalized experience. 

Working Process of IG Panel

IG Panel works by creating a network of real users who are social enthusiasts willing to like, comment, like and follow several accounts in exchange for rewards. The platform enables the users to gain rewards by following, liking, and commenting on different profiles. Furthermore the users of this platform also get an option to personalize their experience by choosing the type of engagement they will prefer to happen on their account. 

Steps to Install IG Panel APK

In order to boost your Instagram account visibility by utilizing the IG Panel then follow these undermentioned steps to install the IG Panel APK on your device.

Step 1: First and the foremost step is to open a “Browser” of your choice.

Step 2: vBy using the search bar enter the website name.

Step 3: As the results appear, choose the official website.

Step 4: Once you select it, you will land on the homepage or main dashboard of the platform.

Step 5: Surf or scroll down on the page you’re on.

Step 6: By the end of the main dashboard you will encounter the download apk option.

Step 7: Click on it and the application will be downloaded in the download section of your browser.

Step 8: Open  the download version to Install it on your device.

Step 9: Make sure that your device has the third party application turned on. Setting> Security> Unknown Source.

Step 10: And finally your IG Panel APK will be downloaded on your desired device. 

IG Panel Login Process

IG Panel is made in a user-friendly manner and hence it makes the logging process very simple. Users can follow these below mentioned steps to complete the IG Panel Login process.

  • Users need to  open a browser of your choice and enter on the official website of the IG Panel.
  • One the main dashboard of the website on the top right corner click on the profile icon.
  • As you will click on this icon, you will be asked to complete a human verification.
  • After the completion of human verification enter your Instagram username and password. 
  • We recommend you first enter a fake account details.
  • As the next step you will be asked to complete a second round of human verification.
  • Once you have completed the verification step you will need to enter the account details on which you want followers to be added.
  • Now You can easily send followers using this application on the basis of credits you have. 

Features of IG Panel

Here we have provided the list of features which IG Panel provides to its users. Read below to get yourself acquainted with them. 

Followers: Users of this platform can gain a large number of followers.

Likes: It will bring huge numbers of like on your posts with the help of real time audience:

Comments: The comment section with multiple comments will help you get an insight of what you have posted and audience preferences.

Saves: The popularity of your account will help you increase  the number of saves of your posts.

Votes: If you are putting on any survey the follower base will help you gain a huge number of votes.

Views: The strong base and interaction on Instagram will help by increasing your videos, live sessions and story views. 

Pros of Using IG Panel

There are certain pros of using the IG Panel and we have mentioned them here to give a broad view of the platform. 

  1. Free of Cost: Users can access and make use of the platform’s features for completely free.
  2. No registration: The application or even the website doesn’t ask you to register.
  3. Secure and Safe: The platform maintains the integrity of the users preference and keeps their data secure.
  4. Availability of App: The IG Panel provides app for users to access whatever they feel comfortable with. 

Cons of Using IG Panel

While using IG Panel users might face several issues which we have listed here for you to stay aware of.

  1. Malware: Accessing this platform might harm your device by several malware present in this.
  2. Third-Party: As the platform is a third-party application it is prone to face several issues.
  3. Login Issue: At the time of login and while entering the username and password of Instagram users might have to have face issues.

Similar Alternatives of IG Panel

For the times when you won’t be able to access the IG Panel we have written down a few best alternatives here.

  • IG Tools
  • Instahile
  • Picuki
  • Imginn

Is IG Panel and IG Panel Net Similar?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among the audience. Audiences are confused if the IG Panel and IG Panel Net are similar or not, let me tell you that, IG Panel Net is a services provider of IG Panel. But IG Panel Net also provides different tools to boost up your Instagram Account. 


Thus with IG Panel you can follow up your passion on social media without worrying about the reach. As this platform will surely enhance your online preference by its various features, benefits and user-friendly interface. This platform is also safe and simple to be used by any newcomer or beginner.