In today’s AI-driven & online world, people like to learn about service and check out their reviews before making a purchase. Legal service is no exception to this, and today, it is imperative for lawyers to have a digital marketing strategy to attract potential clients.

    Considering that video is the most-consumed form of content, it is but obvious that lawyers need to focus on video marketing to establish their market credibility.

    Focus on Keywords

    As a lawyer, you can give potential clients what they want only if you are on the same page with their expectations. By identifying the keywords that they are searching for and incorporating those in your video title or description, you ensure that your videos reach the people looking for such content.

    Start by going to Google or YouTube and typing in a term that is related to your area of legal specialization. You will see the search engine suggesting other terms. The terms suggested by the search engine are the ones most typed by users and incorporating the words or phrases will improve the SEO rankings of your video.

    This is a very crude (yet effective) means of doing keyword research related to your business. Tools like YT Cockpit, Tube Buddy Tags, and Google Ads Keyword Planner allow you to type in a relevant topic and get relevant keywords. With this knowledge, you can plan your legal promotional videos around it or even optimize your existing videos to meet the keyword expectations.

    Work on Your Video Script

    If you are preparing an educational video, make it a practice to introduce the subject early in the video. While it is a good idea to avoid speaking from a rote script, try to have a bullet list of points to ensure that do not lose the flow while speaking. Speaking on a conversational tone will help the audience relate with you, thereby increasing the engagement of your videos.

    You need to realize that your potential customers are not legal professionals, and the use of industry jargon in your video will only confuse them further. Rather, speak in simple language and keep your sentences as short and crisp as possible. 

    Once you have the script ready, it is always a good idea to rehearse it in front of your friends and well-wishers and take their feedback. That way, you will record a much better video which you can then be edited through online tools to create a professional quality video.

    Create a Brand Video

    While there are several types of video content that you can (and eventually will) create, it is a good idea to start with creating a brand video for your legal consultancy. This will allow you to talk about your key value proposition and establish how you are a cut above your competition. Such a video will be an excellent place for you to demonstrate your credibility and convince people to choose you.

    You can also take things a notch further and show interesting things you do at the office, take the viewer in a virtual tour pf your office space, or talk of interesting anecdotes from your journey of being a lawyer. Such content will have the viewer put a human face on your brand and relate with you better. Considering the importance of a brand video in your legal marketing strategies, it is advised that you spend your time in chalking out the free online video editor prior to shooting the video.

    Work on Case Study or Testimonial Videos

    For a potential customer who is at the decision-making stage of choosing a lawyer, testimonial videos are of great importance.  When a satisfied customer speaks of the results you achieved, it adds weight to the success figures on your website. 

    The fact that video testimonials are much more difficult to fake than conventional text reviews makes them a more trusted way of gauging the service. A compelling case study established your legal competency while striking an emotional chord between people who do not know each other and is, therefore, an efficient tool for you to attract potential customers.

    Demonstrate Your Expertise Through Interview Videos

    When a potential customer is looking for a lawyer to fight a case for them, it is natural to want to know the lawyer. Things like how they look, what is their area of legal expertise, how much experience they possess, the number of cases they won, are things that a potential client might want to know.

    Lawyers who walk the extra mile and tell a potential client about their approach to a case and the type of people they have worked with establish their confidence and win the trust of people. As a legal firm, you can leverage the power of video to answer all these questions and earn the trust of potential customers. If you are a legal firm, you can shoot such a promotional video for each of your key lawyers and then upload the same on your website, YouTube channel, or social media handle.

    Come up with Vlogs

    Just because you are a lawyer, it does not mean that you need to keep your marketing videos serious all the time. Video logs (or vlogs) are an efficient way for you to reach out to your target group. The advantage of vlogs is the fact that no one expects them to be highly polished, and a simple shot on a smartphone should suffice.

    You can create vlogs on informative content such as a recent courtroom experience, your take on any recent legislative change, interesting anecdotes from your interaction with clients, or simply your general opinion and tips on your area of legal expertise. While vlogs are a casual approach to engaging with your target group, you need to be cautious about maintaining client confidentiality throughout all your videos.

    Thus, you see that there is immense potential in video marketing, and as a legal firm, it is up to you to leverage the same for your business growth. As you bring in the video as a part of your marketing strategies, here’s wishing you all the success as a lawyer.