Henry Gunther Dashtu Ademola Samuel is  the child of Heidi Klum and Seal. Both of his parents are well-known in the media.

Henry’s mother is Heidi, an American-German model, television personality, director, and businesswoman, and his father is well-known British singer Seal. Henry Gunther became well-known as soon as the infant caught the attention of the media. His admirers were curious to learn more about him as well.

Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel mother, Heidi, has made a name for herself in a variety of fields, such as corporate, acting, fashion, entertainment, and directing. She has made a significant amount of money in a variety of sectors.

Heidi Klum and Seal

Seal and Klum started dating in 2004 and got married in May of the same year. The singer flew the woman to a remote glacier in British Columbia and made a marriage proposal. After stepping out of the chopper, the model followed a path lined with roses to an artificial igloo. A champagne bottle, a rug, and a guitar were present.

In Cosa Crates, Mexico, the couple was recognized as a married pair in 2005. Remarkably, not many people were invited for their intimate wedding. However, Henry Gunther’s parents’ bond began to break down. They pledged to stay married every year and acknowledged being married eight times while filming the show.  Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel is the second-born to Heidi, and  the first child Sean and Heidi had together.

Net worth

Heidi will be paid $40 million for her work as a television host and producer, among other things, in 2023. Her net worth is expected to reach $160 million. In addition, Heidi is among the highest paid models globally. Her modeling profession alone brought in almost $20 million for her at the height of her career.

Seal’s career as a singer, songwriter, and composer has contributed to his $40 million net worth as of 2023. Seal Real Estate Seal in Topanga, California, owned a 3600-square-foot estate with a view of the mountains in 2019. The mansion was reduced in market value to $3.5 million.

Childhood and family

 Born on September 12, 2005, Samuel  is the first child of Heidi and Sean Klum together . He’s a Virgo. Virgo men are cautious, astute, industrious, and self-effacing. They also think quickly and with humility.

 Samuel is lucky to have gotten both of his parents’ nice and handsome sides. His golden brown hair with an afro vibe and his brown eyes, however, are what really make him stand out.

Heidi and Seal had four children in total: Lou was born in October 2009, and Samuel was born in November 2006. Henry and his siblings grew up in Los Angeles. Heidi’s son loves to play soccer and has participated in school teams. In addition, he enjoys acting and has taken part in several school productions. Henry Gunther Dashtu, Ademola Samuel is currently enjoying his childhood while attending school.