For the last few days, there has been a wave on the internet named Globfone. Globfone offers free SMS and call services around the globe. In this article, we will discuss Globfone. We will understand the working mechanism of globfone, its features, pros, and cons, and whether it is safe to use or not.

    The Globfone Portal

    Globfone is a unique platform that allows individuals to connect with their loved ones by SMS, sharing media files, and audio and video calls worldwide, free of cost. The best thing about globfone is that users are not required to register or install any app or software. 

    Its user-friendly interface allows the users to communicate with just their names. Apart from that, to access the services of globfone, a user does not need to pay any subscription fees. An individual just requires an internet connection and a device connected to that internet to communicate across the globe.

    Working Mechanism of Globfone

    The globfone’s working mechanism is very straightforward. It connects people around the globe with the help of webRTC. WebRTC is also known as Web Real-Time Communications. It is an open-source feature that enables real-time voice, Text, and video communications among browsers and devices. 

    To use the globfone service, an individual does not need to undergo the lengthy registration process. An individual just needs to visit the Globfone and enter the Name. That’s it. It’s ready for connection.

    Features of globfone

    Globfone provides various features accessible on personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. The key features of globfone are:

    • Free Call: With the help of globfone telecommunication service, you can connect with your family, friends, and loved ones through video or audio calls around the globe free of cost. To use the calling feature, both the users needs to be available on the globfone portal in the respective section, such as Call Phone for audio calls and Video Chat for video call, and follow the mentioned steps:

    For Video call:

    1. Visit
    2. Click on Video Chat.
    3. Mention Your Name
    4. Mentioned Recipient Name
    5. Hit the Next Button.

    For Audio Calls:

    1. Visit
    2. Go to the Call Phone option.
    3. Enter your Name and hit Next.
    4. Choose the recipient country and Mention the Phone number.
    5. Hit Next Button
    • P2P File sharing: Globfone allows you to share multimedia files with your colleagues and friends worldwide without spending a single penny. The file-sharing servers of globfone use the WebRTC connection for smooth and secure file sharing. To Share multimedia files through globfone, the Recipient and the sender must be available at Then follow the below-mentioned steps:
    1. Go to the File Sharing tab.
    2. Click on Find User
    3. Mentioned Your Name and hit the Next button
    4. Mentioned the recipient’s Name and uploaded the files.

    As a Recipient, you must follow until the third step and wait for connection. 

    • Free SMS Services: Like every other messaging service, globfone also offers free SMS services. But unlike others, to use the globfone free SMS service, you are not required to share your details such as email, phone number, etc. To use the Free SMS service of globfone, 
    1. Visit Gglobfone send text and follow the following steps.
    2. Enter you Name
    3. Choose the country of Recipient and its Phone number.
    4. Mention your message
    5. Hit the send Button.

    Pros of Globfone

    There are lots of benefits of using globfone, Such as:

    • No sign up required
    • Free service across the world
    • No app or software installation is required
    • Excellent quality of audio and video while calls

    Cons Of Globfone

    You also need to know the cons of globfone before using its services. The cons of globfone are:

    • High Probability of Privacy Breach
    • Sometimes, SMS does not deliver to the Recipient.
    • Technical issues with the while audio and video calls

    Is Globfone safe to use?

    The internet is full of reviews about globfone. The thoughts are a mixture of users’ positive and negative experiences while using the globfone platform for communication. So, is it safe to use the Globfone platform to communicate? The answer could be more precise.

    Let’s understand most of the time, a user of globfone does not share any private information with the platform apart from the IP address and location. But in a Mobile app, a user shares their email address, phone number, Name, and Last Name with the platform according to the privacy policy of Apart from that, the globfone portal only shares the information with the entities connected with globfone to offer required services. Globfone also adheres to the Data Protection obligations of the General Data Protection Regulations. Hence, it can be considered a safe web communication portal.


    Globfone offers telecommunication services throughout the world. It helps individuals to connect with their families, friends, and loved ones free of cost. Like every other platform, globfone also has pros and cons, as we have discussed. Suppose you are looking for a platform to communicate with loved ones over the internet without a signup and login process. In that case, this is the right platform for you for telecommunication.