In Modern World’s Digital Age, the Social Media Networking platforms are very much in use and become the choice of community. Nonetheless, these social media platforms have become an integral part of communication. However, with their widespread usage comes along with a great deal of challenges, risks and disputes. Advocates or Legal Consultants can also help here grabbing the latest legal knowledge about these topic.

    Dealing with discriminatory messages, texts, insulting messages, unreasonable direct messages, and hate speech, there are all the real challenges. In the most recent years, a popular case in Abu Dhabi arose. The case sheds light on the complexities surrounding incidents related to discriminatory direct messages, messages, texts, and so forth.

    • An American worker was accused of sending a racist message to one of his colleagues. The black colleague sent the messages via WhatsApp. Allegedly, the worker claimed that the colleague had secured the job because of their racial background. The incident took place in Abu Dhabi.
    • The case was reported by the fighter jet engineer who was 42 years old. The accused worker was almost 45 years old. Accused workers and others defended themselves. It was asserted that the complaint had been lodged with a delay. Therefore, it exceeds the stipulated three-month window to report such an incident.
    • The legal case was looked at under the criminal procedure law. Therefore, it was an interpretation of Article 10 of the UAE’s criminal procedures law. This article especially represents the issue of insults as a misdemeanor. It discussed its application and formed the crux of the case. 
    • The supervisor’s legal representative emphasized dismissing the complaint altogether. The supervisor narrates that it is due to its untimely nature. According to the argument, the complainant failed to report the incident within three months of its occurrence. This has undermined the case’s legal basis.
    • The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ultimately dismissed the case. The build basis on the aforementioned legal reasoning. The court of ABU DHABI held that the delayed complaint failed. Therefore, it fails to establish sufficient legal grounds to proceed with the case. Nevertheless, the incident highlighted the importance of adhering to prescribed timeframes. Therefore, it is significant while filing complaints related to such matters.
    • This case underscores the significance of addressing discriminatory messages. It laid stress on reporting such incidents on social media promptly and on time. On the flip side, where social media platforms facilitate easy communication and ease the communication barrier. On the other hand, they also offer a platform for hate speech and discrimination. 
    • A swift and strong action is crucial here. This is important in curbing such behaviors, derogatory remarks, and discrimination. This will ensure that those responsible are held accountable. In the end, the Abu Dhabi case involving discriminatory messages on social media focuses on the need for timely reporting of such incidents. 
    • Social media rapidly continues to shape modern communication. While addressing hate speech and discrimination is equally important. This remains a collective responsibility of all the stake holders. 
    • To serve this purpose it is vital to uphold a respectful and inclusive online interaction. Moreover, it is also essential to foster a harmonious digital environment in the ever-changing era of social media.

    It shows that if the required or provided time is passed then you are not in a position to raise your concern and lodge the complaint. But a request of reconsideration can also be submitted and can also be accepted if the nature of the breach is very much serious.

    Usually 1 year is the maximum time period to open the Criminal Complaints. For more details please contact the Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai, for legal advice, support and court cases.

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