In this digital age, people are becoming famous for sharing about their lives online. They make videos about their daily adventures, hobbies, and thoughts. When people watch and like these videos, they become more popular. By sharing bits of their life, regular folks can become stars in the digital universe. It’s a cool way for everyone to be a part of the spotlight! Payal Malik is an active youtuber. She has channels on “Family Fitness” and “Armaan Malik”. Other than being a YouTuber and model, she has been part of music albums like “Mera ni Hoya”, and “Kamaal ho jaye ga”.

    About her

    Payal Malik is a famous YouTube actor and model. She has been active on YouTube with her husband Armaan Malik. She is from New Delhi and was born on 19 December 1994. In her videos, she shared a lot about her childhood. She shared how she was bad at studies and focused more on extracurricular activities. Every Indian is mad about Bollywood so is Payal. Payal shares her unending love for Bollywood. Her favourite actor is Ranveer Singh. She has a record of watching all the movies with him. She is also very fond of music. This passion for Bollywood made her start making videos for social media.

    Payal Malik’s career.

    As I said before, she is a famous influencer on various media platforms. She first became famous on TikTok with her husband Armaan Malik and co-wife Kritika Malik. They are still active on social media. But soon due to the ban on TikTok in India they shifted to YouTube and Instagram. Before her marriage, she worked as a bank manager in New Delhi. Now she also runs a beauty salon with Kritika Malik. She has around 3.65 million subscribers on YouTube. She continued to post content on social media just because of her passion. She is a great social media actress according to the audience. reviews say that her content keeps viewers watching the video till the end. and make them eagerly wait for the next exciting content. Moreover, she has been in various albums. Some of her popular albums are, yamrraj, mera ni hooya, kamaal hojaya ga, kami, es janam.

    Her social media progress

    Payal Malik has accounts on both Instagram and YouTube. Moreover, she has a great fan following on these platforms. There are a total of 4.2 million followers on Instagram and more than that on YouTube. On Facebook, she gained up to 2.2 million followers. Moreover, her first video with her husband Armaan Malik was in 2012. Below are the attached links to her social media platforms.




    Net worth

    Payal Malik’s net worth is estimated to be between 5-7 crores in 2023. She owns her own home. Her monthly salary ranges between Rs.50 and Rs.60 lakh. She also enjoys amassing a collection of designer bags and clothing. She has a lot of high-end bags in her closet, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and others.