Farmers are the backbone of our country. They work hard to grow the food we eat every day. Despite being the lifeblood of the nation, many farmers live in difficult conditions. They face challenges like high debts and low prices for their crops. These hard-working individuals work in the fields to ensure that we have enough to eat. Yet their own lives are often tough. It is important for us to appreciate the vital role farmers play in our lives. We need to work towards improving their living conditions. They deserve our respect and support for their dedication to feeding the nation. Krushak Odisha Portal is a great initiation for it. 

    About: Krushak Odisha Portal

    The Krushak Odisha portal is an initiative for the farmers by the government of Odisha. This portal was launched on 21 December 2018. This portal is for small marginal, landless farmers and agricultural laborers. The Chief Minister of the Odisha government allocated ₹742.58 crore for this. This portal is to save farmers who are down in debt and provide them support. The government was willing to spend rupees 742.58 crores for the betterment of farmers. Yet, the only people to benefit from this scheme are cultivators, farmers, croppers, and landless agricultural workers. the above-mentioned people can utilize this after registering for it. To follow the process, you must visit the official website. Under this programme, agricultural workers without access to land will get ₹10,000. which may be deposited into the account you have set aside for that purpose.

    Thus, the scheme will offer two key benefits:

    • financial aid and
    • other debt transfers that are sent straight into their accounts.

    Other important Information about the Krushak Odisha portal

    Name of the portal – Odisha Krushak

    By – Government of Odisha

    Application procedure – online

    Benefits – Krushak Card, Sathi List, Registration, Login

    Beneficiaries – Small, Marginal, Landless Cultivators, & agricultural laborers

    Website –

    Advantages to farmers: Krushak Odisha Portal

    • Ama Krushi is the government’s free agricultural service for personalized agricultural advisory. Enrolled farmers will receive weekly calls on their mobile phones with advisories. They provide advice on farming practices, crop and livestock management and much more.
    • Access to an online window platform for the application of government schemes and services of the agriculture sector. Farmers will also be able to track the real-time status of their applications.

    Who is applicable for this

    • Only residents of Odisha are eligible
    • One must have a bank account
    • Need of BPL card
    • State or Federal workers are not eligible

    How to register?

    • Search Krushak Odisha portal in the browser, click on the first link
    • on the home page enter your Aadhar number and register or login
    • complete the form that comes next with your information
    • there will be an OTP provided to your number. fill it
    • go through the information again and register

    How to check the list of beneficiary

    • To access this list, visit the official website.
    • Then, select the Beneficiary List from the home page.
    • On the next page, enter your district, block or ULB, and GP.
    • After entering, select View.
    • When you click it, the PDF Beneficiary List opens up.


    The Krushak Odisha portal is a great initiative by the government. It benefits small and marginal farmers. This program is a helping hand for the farmers who have smaller land holdings. With the allocation of funds, amounting to ₹742.58 crore, these farmers receive much-needed support. This portal aims to improve agricultural facilities and provide financial aid. It stands as a great step towards uplifting the lives of our hard-working farmers.