Numerous individuals, including responders and survivors, faced challenges concerning their physical well-being and financial stability due to illnesses associated with the events of 9/11. If you experienced illness or injury post-9/11, impacting your capacity to work, there is a potential avenue for you to receive compensation through the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) to assist in recuperating your financial setbacks.

    What Is the Value of VCF Economic Loss Claims?

    Responders who were impacted financially by lost wages and benefits owing to physical health conditions related to 9/11 are eligible for compensation through the VCF. The VCF considers claims for economic loss for previously lost wages and claims for future income losses for people who are disabled or unable to work. A VCF financial loss award may also cover the loss of health benefits, retirement contribution plans, and pensions.

    Previous lost earnings are included in the VCF’s calculation of past lost pay. The VCF considers future lost wages based on earnings lost after an economic damage claim has been filed.

    If the victim passed away due to a physical condition related to 9/11 that qualified, VCF monetary claims for lost income and benefits for injuries received before the death can be filed. It is also possible to recover lost earnings in the future, estimated as of the victim’s death date. Some law firms such as Weisfuse & Weisfuse have been passionately representing numerous responders and survivors in their VCF economic loss claims, working hard to ensure they receive the highest possible compensation for their lost earnings and benefits.

    What Proof Is Required To Back Up A VCF Earnings Loss Claim?

    The VCF typically considers data from the FDNY, NYPD, or Social Security Administration to ascertain earnings history. If an individual is not able to furnish data from the VCF, the SSA will examine the following:

    ● W-2 documents, 1099 forms, tax reports, profit and loss statements, pay stubs, and employment offer letters

    When filing a claim for economic loss, survivors and responders who think their potential for future earnings may be higher than their earnings history shows may attach further documentation. When determining whether to enhance your economic loss award, the VCF could take into account letters that offer promotions, evidence of stock options and bonus eligibility, plus any other kind of work perk that might not be shown in your SSA earnings history.

    You may still be eligible for benefits for missed income if you could not get a third-party disability assessment by providing proof of “discrete lost earnings.” In these situations, the VCF will need evidence of your lost pay from your employer and documents of your medical care or Workers’ Compensation that prove that you’ve been unable to work.

    Disability Determinations for Eligibility for Future Lost Earnings

    Reimbursement for future lost wages may be available to responders and survivors whose 9/11-related medical issues result in a permanent partial or complete disability. To support a claim for future lost wages, the VCF considers disability judgments by government agencies such as the Worker’s Compensation, NYCERS, NYPD, Social Security Administration, and FDNY. The VCF may occasionally consider disability determinations made by the WTC Health Program, a private physician, or insurance.

    In VCF economic damage claims, estimating future lost profits can be challenging to calculate. The age at the commencement of the disabilities, income after taxes, work-life balance expectancy, estimated refundable income, and risk of joblessness are among the elements taken into account by the VCF when calculating future lost wages.